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My Life As a Teenage Baby
part 1: Tommy’s Journal

My name is Tommy Turnbull and I’m 14. I live in a city called The Bay Area, my life was perfect until it happened. On march 26th I became 13 as   normal my older sister usually posts my presents in the mail like last year she brought me a pair of skates, this year it was different, I always thought when she lived here she kept on saying you’re acting like a baby STOP IT! Well the presents she brought me explained it all. I had a bottle, a pacifier and all that baby crap but one certain object caught my eye: a pack of diapers 20 to be exact, I could not believe that all these years my sister finally gave up on me. A month later after that horrid display I finally gave it a go, there I was on the floor getting ready to put on a diaper at first I didn’t want to do it but something inside me told me there’s nothing to be afraid of. I could feel the breeze getting to my naked body, I pulled out a diaper and placed it on my butt, there slowly placing it up to my front and gently strapping the tapes into place. It felt soft as I rubbed up and down on the front of my diaper. I got dressed and went to see my friend Lola, as we were watching a funny movie I felt like I shouldn’t be here but then it came to a point when I wet myself after laughing so much, I was easily alarmed as I could feel the warmth of my pee soaked diaper. I rushed back home to go get changed, I got a phone call off Lola she was really worried about me, I didn’t wanna tell her I was in diapers. An hour later there was a knock on the door it was Lola I was going to explain to her about it before my dog pulled my trousers down, she was horrified at what she had seen I explained to her all about what has happened and I never thought she would still be my friend but she did, It was our secret. Finally I have ran out of diapers so I went to my local store and brought some more. One night I asked Lola to sleep over and I was wet so as I went for a clean diaper she politely asked if she could change me there from that moment I felt a feeling I never felt before, she got me unstrapped out of my dirty diaper and putting powder on my naked skin she got out a diaper and placed it on my butt, there she placed more powder on my front before placing my diaper into place. She tapes me up and puts my onsie on. She then got another diaper out and put it on her, she then got on top of me and started to hump on my diaper it was a nice feeling. In the morning my diaper was wet and mom came in and noticed I had Lola around of course she didn’t know that because she was at work all night but I didn’t get told off for it. A year later me and Lola started to go out with each other and every night Lola would change me out of a wet diaper and then start humping me. I also started my first day at high feeling so proud of wearing diapers when I found out I wasn’t the only TB there. There was two other students wearing diapers as well as me and that was my happy ending.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 2: The Threesome

It all started in high when I met two other Tbs: Todd and Jess. I always carry two bags with me, one for my books and one for my changing equipment. every time I feel wet I go change in the disabled toilets. Todd is 15 and Jess is 14, after school I invited them to meet my mum and my girlfriend Lola, she now wears diapers. After Todd and Jess left me and Lola started to get horny and Lola got on top of me humping my diaper then she had an idea so she started to unstrap one of her tapes and got me to do the same. I then got my dick out and shoved it inside Lola. Todd came back to see if he forgot anything and noticed me and Lola. He then said “Let’s have a threesome”, he then unstrapped himself and shoved his hard dick in Lola’s rear end and it looked like she was enjoying it but it wasn’t long before me and Todd both just in time cummed into our diapers. Jess came back and noticed me, Todd and Lola putting our diapers back on so she stormed out the room furious Todd then rushly   followed her and Lola had to go so it was just me all alone naked in just a wet diaper. Mum came in and asked if I wanted a drink I nodded and so she sat next to my bed, I laid down on her legs as she started to breastfeed me her milk was ever so tasty. She went downstairs to get my bottle, I got a phone call off Lola to see If I wanted to come to hers the weekend so I accepted the invite and put the phone down. Mum came back in with my bottle and changed my wet diaper, put my sleeper on and put me to bed. She then gave me my bottle and read me a bedtime story, I fell asleep soon after that. The next morning I woke up in a wet diaper and of course it was Saturday so it was hours away until I go to Lola’s house. “Good morning sleepyhead” mum said I replied while yarning, later on I was at Lola’s house. We played tag for a while in the garden and then played video games for the rest of the afternoon, we had lunch then Lola asked if I wanted to spend the night at hers. I went back home got my stuff and went back to hers and when I got to hers I noticed she had Todd and Jess over as well as she explained she was having a sleepover session. Later on that night there was me and Lola in a sleepers, Jess in Pjs and Todd in just a diaper Lola then asked if we wanted to play truth of dare, all three of us nodded with anticipation so Todd started first and dared me to kiss Lola on the lips then he dared me to change Jesse’s diaper which I did both, it was so fun then Lola dared Todd to totally kiss me which he refused and I don’t blame him even I wouldn’t do that For a dare so we stopped and went to sleep. Morning came and I was the only one to stay dry and the others was well wet. I went home and I had a note on my desk from my big sister. It said.

“Dear Tommy

I am coming over for a visit tomorrow and I hope you can’t wait to see me it’s been over two years since dad died and me not seeing you because of foster parents.

Love Jasmine

I didn’t want to see cause of what she did on my birthday but mum insisted that I buy a new outfit for her arrival so I went shopping and brought myself a costume, everyone was looking at me and I didn’t like it so I ended up crying. The next day my sister came and man was she surprised to see me in a pikachu costume and I wet myself cause of my shyness against my sister so I went to my room and I heard my mum and my big sister arguing. Jasmine quickly asking why I was in diapers and mum furiously answering it’s your fault for making him wear them cause of your stupid presents. What is going to happen next.

To Be Continued!
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 3: My Adopted Brother

It has been over a month since my big sister came round and was shocked at my appearance but oh well see left an hour later. A new face has appeared in the house meet Max my adopted brother he’s only 11 and he was put in diapers by mum because he kept on wetting his clothes and bed. He’s more shy than me and cries a lot too. I am now 15 and things are starting to turn on me as I got dumped. Max is asleep and I decided to creep up to him and scare the hell out of him but before I could do that he suddenly woke up from a bad dream and wet himself, looks like I have to change his diaper, meanwhile Todd comes to visit me now and again. As you can see me and Lola had splitted up after a huge row, ever since then I have been in my bedroom crying and watching TV. It came worst last night when I was about to put on a clean diaper mom tried to put me on the potty but she knew I don’t like the potty and I cry about it. Mom is also trying for me to see the doctors about my diaper habits but it fails every time. It is night time and I get home late (again) and since it was raining I got soaked. As soon as I got in the house mom came and started shouting at me and then I got sent straight to my room. I dried myself with a towel and changed my diaper. Max was out staying at Todd’s house, it is strange how Todd knew Max that well. I got nothing to do so I unstrapped myself and started jacking off until I started to stray my sperm into my diaper and then I placed the tapes back into place, I then started to hump my pillow for even more fun. As bed time came mom hid my diapers and so when morning came I woke up with a wet patch and well mom was not too happy at all. I went to visit Lola but nobody was in, so I came back home and noticed a note on the table.

Dear Tommy

As you know I will be late coming home from work so behave while I’m gone.

Love mom

Max wasn’t home yet so I decided to make myself a bottle of milk to get me going, I heard a knock on the door and I opened it. It was Lola asking me back out. She apologized so many time that I decided to take that offer as I kissed Lola like I’ve never kissed any girl before, I forgave Lola. I then asked since Max is still at Todd’s I invited Lola in for a bit and we were sorting things out with each other. Later on in the night mom came home and so was Max Lola asked me if I wanted to stay at hers but mom wouldn’t let me so I decided to ask if she could stay here and mom agreed with it. While Lola was downstairs I asked Max how he knew Todd so well, he told me the him and Todd were orphans along with Jess. Then he told me that the reason why Todd and Jess wore diapers was because of an accident that caused them to become incontinent and somehow Max survived it. So I was starting to think if Max and Todd were more than friends, Lola entered my room and me, Max and Lola started to have a session over a game of truth or dare but was stopped when my mom came in to tell us it was bed time so me and Lola shared a bed and Max slept on the floor which he didn’t mind. Morning came and My bed was wet and Lola wet her diapers overnight, max however did the opposite. It came lunch time and Todd came over. When   Max and Todd left I decided to follow them to see what they were doing when I notice them holding hands. Then I heard them saying stuff about me and Lola that’s when I came into the scene. Max and Todd were stunned to see me spying on them and asked what I was doing. I knew something fishy was going between them two but didn’t know until Max confessed that he and Todd were Bi. I was shocked to see them going out with each other of course I didn’t mind at all just the fact that they were both guys in diapers so then I wondered what they do when they’re together at Todd’s. it became very dark by the time I got home and I noticed no one was home so I started searching for my missing diapers and then I spotted something white under mom’s bed and noticed my diapers were there so I pinch a diaper for tonight and hide it in my room. Mom came back and told me I had to see the doctors tomorrow. Night time came and I drank 4 glasses of water and then sent to bed I got my diaper out and placed it on me then strapping the tapes into place as I soon nodded off.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 4: The Accident Part 1

It was early in the morning I woke up and noticed that I had wet myself but didn’t need to panic as I was wearing a diaper I had found while my mum was at work that night. I quickly removed my dirty diaper and hid it away from my mom knowing she will go mad at me. I finally got dressed and had to wear underwear as it was the weekend and normally I would have to visit my Grandma but this time was different, my mom didn’t tell me I was staying the whole weekend cause she found a man and he invited her to his house for dinner. Max is staying over at Todd’s since mom never told Grandma we adopted him. It was time to go and it was pretty foggy and cold since it was the middle of winter so I got in the car and we drove off, as it came down with hail mom could barely see what was behind her then suddenly a deer came out of nowhere and the car skidded into a field as the car was rolling down a steep hill then it stopped as mom was making sure everything was ok but notices it wasn’t. The car was badly damaged and the worst part was I was in serious agony as I screamed out in pain, I had broken my arm in two places and something was wrong with my bladder. Mom quickly rang for an ambulance and took me to the hospital. I woke up from fainting half way through the journey, I noticed I was in a gown and underneath I was wearing a diaper I then felt my diaper filling up without any feeling inside. I asked the nurse what happened and told me that my arm was broken in 2 places and my bladder was seriously damaged causing me to pee without notice. Mom tried to calm me down as I started to cry but soon stopped as I felt good about myself knowing I would be stuck in diapers 24/7 now. I had to stay in the hospital for the next 3 days and mom would have to cancel her dinner plans and stay with me. She also contacted Todd’s mother to keep Max for 3 days. I was stuck in a hospital bed with a cast on and a dry diaper….. Ok make that a wet diaper as I just peed myself. I told mom I needed a change so mom got the nurse over to change my diaper it wasn’t long before I pooped in there as well before she’d undo the tapes. Three days later I came out of the hospital and mom ordered a taxi home, Grandma came over after she heard the news and was shocked to see me in a cast as I was standing blankly in just a t.shirt and a diaper as I couldn’t do anything with just with one arm. I had to be fed, dressed and bathed like a baby which satisfied me a lot knowing of the past 3 years in diapers but never in this way as I was loving it. As the evening came It was lunch time, mom began to spoon feed which I became embarrassed about but I noticed mom was having fun as she smiled at me, I was too embarrassed to smile back. After which I went into my room and began to yawn. Max came in to see how I was doing I told him everything that has happened to me over the last week. Over the last few weeks I had friends and family come over for a few hours, Lola came first then Todd, and even moms boyfriend was worried about me and this is the first time I ever saw his face I apologised to him about making mom cancelling dinner the night my accident happened he said there’s no need to say sorry I understand. A big surprise came over to me the next day I got invited to moms boyfriends house for a drink with them and to get to know each other better. Mom came in my room to get me undressed, change my diaper and dress me up smartly. She packed a bag with some diapers, powder, lotion and some wipes. She then took me to a clothes store and brought me some overalls and a new outfit for night times. We came back home and waited until John (as that’s what moms boyfriend is called) arrives. Max had to stay at Todd’s for a while until we get back. Finally after waiting for 30 minutes john arrived and explained why he was late getting here. We finally arrived at John’s house it was pretty huge, I suddenly notice I needed a change and I was too shy to ask mom in front of John. While John was in the kitchen preparing drinks I went up to mom and asked for my diaper to be changed. as john came back mom asked him if she could take me into the bathroom to be changed. after I was changed we went back downstairs and saw john and asked me to watch some TV for a bit he then said that he had to ask mom something privately.

What could John ask my mom to do? Will it be about me or will it involve a new era in the Turnbull Legacy? To Be Continued!
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 4: The Accident Part 2

As I said before John asked me to go watch some TV as he had a something to ask my mom, as I shut the door I left it wide enough to see what was happening then I noticed a small box as John picked it up and opened it, then I heard the words “will you be engaged to me my sweet princess” John wanted to get engaged with my mom which didn’t bother me. Later on we arrived back home and Max came home as well. It soon became dark as I was in my new night outfit sitting next to mom watching a film Max however was upstairs with Todd, I suddenly wet myself and asked mom to change me which she did then by mistake I called her mommy which surprised her as she smiled and told me she can call me that anytime. She got me undressed and took off my wet diaper then as she was putting powder on me I asked her why she chose John to be her boyfriend after dad died two years ago? She said “Tommy my son you will understand when your older you start to realise that true love happens all the time and if it replaces the one you lost then it can make you happy”. mom then got me onto a new diaper and strapped it onto me and then I got dressed back into my night outfit. That night I was ready to go to bed when there was a knock on the door I opened it and was shock to find my big sister in tears, I asked her what’s wrong and she said that needs to see mom. Mom rushed from downstairs and jasmine burst into tears as she hugged mom. She explained to us that her foster parents kick her out of the house due to being blamed for something she didn’t do and asked if she could stay here for a while. And mom said “as long as you can be nice to Tommy since his accident happened” she stopped mom and asked what happened to him. Mom then took jasmine to the kitchen to tell her about it as I went back upstairs, after a few hours I was still awake and jasmine came in to check on me and sat next to me. She apologized about the presents and I accepted it and told her I enjoyed wearing them. She then asked if I needed a change and there’s me going a bit shy as I mumbled yes trying not to get embarrassed she then got out a fresh diaper prescribed by the nurses and told me to lay on my bed.
And after she changed me she smiled and I was wondering why she was smiling at me, she then told me she was sorry about what happened and then went back downstairs I soon nodded off after that and hope to see what happens tomorrow.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 5: A New Kid On The Block

It is Monday morning and winter vacation was nearly over I just got out of bed wet as anything and I nearly ran out of diapers.   I couldn’t use the toilet anymore and everyone was still asleep so I decided to wait. An hour later mom came into my room to see me crying cause my diaper was full and leaky making my bed wet as well. Mom asked why I didn’t wake her up. I told her that you would shout at me, she then said that was in the past so she got me on the floor and went for a diaper and notices I have only 2 diapers left and said with a smile “don’t worry honey I’ll buy some more later when I go shopping” she then took off my leaky diaper and wipes my crotch and butt dry, she then placed the diaper on my butt and places some powder onto me and straps me up nice and tight so I don’t leak again. Later on in the day while mom went shopping me and Jasmine saw a moving truck stopping and a new family was moving into the house 2 houses away from here. There was a boy who looked the same age as me and I decided to go meet him, I went over to the new family and greeted them into the neighbourhood, the boy looked at me suspiciously and asked if I was wearing a diaper. I kindly said yes and told him why. He too had been wearing a diaper as he fell off his bike and was injured badly. I then asked if they wanted to meet my mother and sister Jasmine. They kindly accepted the offer but asked if they could tomorrow. I went back home and told Jasmine about my new friend Corey. An hour later mom arrived home with some shopping I got some diapers and took them upstairs, the phone rang and it was Lola asking for a sleepover I asked mom and kindly said yes. Later on that night Lola arrived with her diaper kit and clothes as I was in my new night outfit. We chatted for a while and well Jasmine was listening and said “you two look cute together in diapers” and we replied thanks to her and I then asked her to leave the room which she did. Before I went to bed I asked my mom to change me since I’m not aloud to change myself anymore. The next morning I was wet and so was Lola but not as much as me. I decided to give Corey a call as he gave me his number yesterday but no answer so I went to his house and no one was in so I’ll try later, I went back home and played a game with Jasmine and Lola. The phone rang later, it was Corey he told me that he would be coming to my class after winter vacation, I was well please, I told Corey he can meet Todd my other friend who wears diapers and Max. soon which came lunch time and I’m still being fed like a baby which didn’t bother me but it was my sister who took the job since she asked to which I didn’t mind being I was still in a cast. The day became dark after I had a bath which of course mom gave me one. I then went to bed and fell sound asleep.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 6: The Surprise

The next morning I got up and as usual I was wet, I went into Jasmine’s room to ask for a change but no response from the way she was snoring. I went into moms room and asked for a change she mumbled the words still half asleep “go ask your sister hun”.   I went back to my sisters room and when I got to the front of her door no one was in there, I turned around to see jasmine scaring me and I don’t like being played on so I cried. Mom suddenly came out to see what was going on. Jasmine rushed back to her room before she noticed her, mom did everything to calm me down but I was still crying, she took me back to my room to put me on my bed ready to be changed. By the time I got on my bed I messed myself, mum got out a clean diaper from where my underwear used to be and placed it beside me, she then bought out some powder, wipes and some oil. She started to unstrap me and noticed I was both wet and messy, she got some wipes and started to clean the poop off my butt until it was clean. She took the dirty diaper and threw it in the bin, she then started the rub oil all over my body and then sprinkled my pee pee with powder. She un folded the clean diaper and placed it under me, pulled it up to my stomach and taped it nice and tight. After breakfast I got a call off Corey asking my family to come to theirs for a welcome party, mom said me and Jasmine can because she was too busy today. Before we left the house Jasmine checked up on me to make sure I wasn’t wet, she then got some clean diapers and equipment in my bag ready to go in case I needed a change during the party. I was wearing overalls today, as we got there Corey answered the door and ask why my mom weren’t with us, I told him she was too busy and apologized for that. The house was huge as we went inside, Corey wanted me to come into his room so I followed him up, there were still lots of boxes hanging out. Corey’s room was painted baby blue and the aroma of powder filled the air, I noticed a large crib and the closet was full of baby clothes and diaper supplies. I asked him how long has he been a baby for and said “since I was 10 because of my bike accident my bladder got weakened until there was no control over it that was when I started to realise I had to wear diapers for the rest of my life” he didn’t tell me why he got into all this but it made me wanna be one after all the attention I got from my mom and sister. That night it was time to leave and head home we thanked Corey and his family for a great welcome party and went home. As I opened the door the room was dark, the lights went on and everyone yelled SURPRISE!!! I was stunned to see my aunt, uncle and my grandparents along with John and Mom all together I couldn’t believe it. Mom told me to go upstairs and see what is in there so I went to my room to see a crib, a changing table and a high chair for me. I was crying happily, it was like a dream come true. I went back downstairs to thank everyone, Jasmine brings down the high chair and puts it in the kitchen. While she and mom was in there Uncle Tim asked me if I was ok, I replied “yes never been better thanks” then Aunt May asked how I felt about the new crib, high chair and changing table, I replied happily “I’ve felt any happier in my life”. mom and Jasmine came with refreshments and to my surprise mine was in a bottle. I began sucking the nipple on it and decided to sit down. It was time Aunt May, Uncle Tim and my grandparents to go to their homes, I went back upstairs to my room to get dressed into my sleeper before that mum decided to check on me and change me before dressing me and putting into my crib. The crib felt so soft with my blankie covering my body. Mom came back in with a bottle of warm milk and a pacifier. Jasmine came in to see if I wanted her to read a bedtime story, I nodded and she chose a book and began reading it. It wasn’t long before I nodded off, Jasmine placed my pacifier in my mouth and softly kissed my forehead goodnight.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 7: School

The day has finally arrived as I woke up in my new crib looking up to see my mom getting everything ready for school. “Oh good morning sleepy head, I got your books and changing equipment ready for school, your not afraid to walk into class in diapers are you“? I shook my head and simply replied. “I’ve done it before what could be any different“? I got dressed in uniform and diapered up real nicely, I never felt like this before as my trousers bulged up against my diaper for everyone to see.

As I got into school mom decided to go see the principle about my needs and told her to tell me to go to the nurses office if ever I need a change and to make sure I ask the teacher to be excused. The first bell ring and as I got into class I spotted Todd and Corey in different places but who to sit next to, so I decided to sit next to Todd.

At break time I introduced Todd to Corey and then we played for a while until we got circled by three boys as big as us who like to bully others for fun. “well well well, what do we have here? A bunch of babies in diapers!” I was scared to stand up for myself, I was about to cry when Corey and Todd stood up and defended me. Corey booted one of the boy in the face and Todd kicked the other one in the leg as they ran off, lucky we didn’t get caught. Todd and Corey asked if I was ok I replied “yes im ok but I soiled myself” I went to go to the nurses offices for a change.

The next lesson was P.E and I always hated that, the worst thing now is I have to strip showing my diapers to others, I got into the changing room to change attire and everyone was starring at me before I even got my clothes off then the embarrassment came as somebody from behind pulled down my trousers exposing my diaper and everybody laughed. I was so embarrassed I ran out crying. I went to the P.E teacher and told me that P.E was a problem for me knowing of my condition. My first day back at school finally ended and was the worst day ever in my life. I got home and everyone was worried about me as I didn’t say a word to them all evening.

That evening Todd came by to see if I was ok after he heard about the incident in P.E, I didn’t say much just said things like ok and fine and that. Todd knew I had a rough first day back and decided to leave me alone. A few hours later Lola called to see what I was doing tomorrow and I said school. She asked me if I wanted to come over to her after, I replied yes sure. Mom came in after I put the phone down to see what was wrong with me.

I told her the whole story and told me if I don’t want to go to school again she wont force me. I told her I’d try it one more time and if its as bad as it goes today I won’t go again. She left the room to fetch my bottle and decided to change my wet diaper before tucking me into my crib. I soon fell asleep knowing I had a busy day.
My Life As a Teenage Baby:
Part 8: Cousin Dave

It was my second Day of school and as usual I wake up wet but also today I wake up a bit late as mom comes in my room and tells me to hurry up but its her that needs to hurry up since she has to change me and dress me up. When I got to school I met up with Todd, Jess and Corey, we went into class but as soon as Mr Johnson saw me, Corey and Todd coming through they sent us out to have a talk about yesterdays incident with the school bully. By the time it was break I decided to go home, as I got to my area I ran into the school bully again and this time im all alone. He started calling me a big baby because of my incontinence, then he started poking me, then decided to push me onto the ground, when I thought I was going to cry someone came to my aid and started to hit him and chase him away. He came back to me and asked if I was alright and pull me up to my feet. “my name is Dave, im looking for a boy named Tommy Turnbull” I replied “that’s me”. I invited him over to my house before we walked in I heard moms voice from behind “DAVID!!” I turned around to see mom hugging Dave as I was confused. as we got in mom suddenly told me something that shocked me: Dave was actually my cousin!!!

After a few minutes of silence mom asked me why I weren’t at school I told her the same thing that happened yesterday so mom told me that I don’t have to go anymore. Lunch came and I was wet but didn’t want to say it in front of Dave. Dave suddenly asked if he could go to the toilet and since there’s only one toilet which is upstairs I get worried that he might see my bedroom, so I stayed calm and while he was upstairs I asked mom to change me. It’s been 10 minutes since Dave’s been up there so I decided to go upstairs to see if he ok but it seems he was in my room. I asked why he was in my room but he didn’t answer, he turns around and ask why I have a crib and all that, I had to explain about my incontinence and why those bullies calls me big baby. He didn’t say anything for 5 minutes then suddenly mom came in and asked if I needed a change now in front of Dave, I began to blush. Dave started to ask me what happened to me but I didn’t say anything so mom had to explain to him downstairs while I stayed in my room crying
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 9: The babysitter

That evening I woke up from taking a nap, mom went out shopping for something and jasmine and Dave was downstairs and my diaper is almost full enough to leak through so I went downstairs and only Dave was downstairs I asked where everyone was, he told me that mom was rushed into hospital because she fainted in the middle of shopping and jasmine went in to visit on how she’s doing, which came the point that he told me that he was put in charge of me.

The time came when I realised I have reached the limits of my diaper as it began to leak, Dave soon realised when he noticed the big patch on my onesie, he asked me if I wanted to be changed, I asked him if he knew how to change a diaper, he said that he always changed his brothers diapers, it shouldn’t be any different to you. He took me to my room got out a clean diaper and I laid down. He then took off my onesie, took off my fully wet diapers, got out the wipes and cleaned me dry. He then unfolded the clean diaper and placed it on my butt, sprinkled powder on my little penis and placed the diaper up and strapped it tight. He then asked me if I liked wearing diapers, I nodded and told him its like a drug and feels good, he then asked If he could try one on.

I told him he could as he slowly reached for another diaper, took off his pants and underwear and put it on. He soon smiled and took a deep breath. He left his underwear off and put back on his pants and asked if I was hungry, I nodded and told me to wait here while he warms up a bottle of milk. He went downstairs, I went to read a book I found from when I was a child, mom managed to keep them. A few minutes later Dave came back with a bottle of milk. He escorted me back downstairs and put me in my playpen then sat himself down besides me and decided to watch some TV. I was happily occupied with playing with my cuddly teddy bears. I went to suck the nipple of my milk when I saw the door open I saw mom and jasmine walk in, I shouted out so childish “MOMMY”!! She just smiled then chuckled to herself.

A few hours later I went back upstairs to take a nap while I was taking a nap mom thanked Dave for babysitting me and is welcomed to come over anytime, he asked her if he could stay for a few days since his family away on holiday in Spain. She politely nodded and said “you’re welcome to if you want”. I soon woke up but couldn’t get out of my crib since it was high enough for me to reach, jasmine came up to check on me and to tell me the great news. She got me out and then checked my diaper which at that point I soiled my already wet diaper, as she reached for a clean one she noticed there was one missing she asked where that one was and I told her that I told Dave he could wear one since he asked about how it felt. As soon as she got me clean and diapered up we both went downstairs, Dave was blushing all of a sudden I asked him why and told me he wet himself. Mom pulled down his pants and saw that he was wearing a diaper I told her he could wear one and told me he liked wearing it.

It was dinner time and as Dave watched me get into my highchair he asked if he could be fed like a baby, mom told Jasmine to get another bib. On one side of the table there was me in my highchair with mom besides me to feed me and on the other side Dave sat in a normal chair with Jasmine ready to feed him, the door bell rang, it was the pizza man, oh yes we ordered a pizza tonight. Jasmine went to open the door to pay for the pizza and came back in, mom got us a plate each and two pairs of knives and forks. The pizza was divided into 4 and placed onto each of our plates. Before mom and Jasmine could eat theirs they had to feed us first, so mom decided to cut my slices of pizzas into tiny pieces to make sure I don’t choke, Jasmine did the same to Dave’s. picking up the fork mum shoved a piece into my mouth as I began to chew it as did Dave.

When dinner was finished mom told us to go play in my room before bed time as they went to eat their pizza’s. Dave needed to go change and I told him he could change into another diaper if he wanted but declined the offer and decided to go to the toilet instead but before he could Dave felt himself peeing without caution as it soon dripped into his pants making them wet. He stood there for a min thinking what’s going on, mom came up thinking what’s going on up there and saw Dave as she saw the wet patch of pee on him as it continued to drip on the floor.

Mom didn’t say anything until she told him to go the bathroom to take off his underwear and pants and to wait there. She went for a clean diaper and told me that she bought me another pack from shopping so there’s no need to worry. She got Dave back in and got him to lie on the floor there she asked If he was ok to wear one to bed for the night while his clothes will be in the wash. He nodded and then laid down. She unfolded the diaper and placed it on her butt, Jasmine came in to watch and commented that he looked cute all naked getting ready for a change. Mom then got the powder out and sprinkle some on his growing penis, she then rubbed it on making Dave’s penis larger and harder, I can tell he’s enjoying this. She covered up his penis and strapped on the diaper tight enough so it don’t leak. She then got Dave up and went downstairs with his clothes as Jasmine stood there and stared at Dave’s naked body all diapered and ready for bed.

Mom came back up with two bottles of warm milk while Jasmine went to set up Dave’s bed, finally it was time for bed as me and Dave got into bed and crib, Jasmine came in to read us a bedtime story, by the time she was finished me and Dave soon nodded off as she kissed our foreheads goodnight.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 10: Joining The Clan

As the morning came around me and Dave were both wet during the night, Jasmine came in to see how we were doing then asked Dave how he felt sleeping in diapers, he happily replied “I slept like a baby” which she giggled at for a moment. Mom came in to ask if me or Dave needed a change and of course mom already figured I needed a change the most since I cant control my bladder anymore.

Mom settled me up on my changing table while Jasmine was asked to change Dave on the floor but before she could she asked if Dave wanted to remain in diapers while he stays. He nodded very happily, so both mom and Jasmine got a clean diaper out and placed it beside me and Dave. Starting with Jasmine she unstrapped Dave’s diaper and pulled it off of him, then unfolding the clean diaper she placed onto his butt as I sat there watching while mom was changing mine.

She sprinkled powder on him then placed it up to his stomach hiding the massive erection that Dave developed while watching Jasmine changing him. She Strapped on the tapes as tightly as she could and threw the dirty one in the bin. Mom got me strapped up and decided to put my overalls on.

By the time it was breakfast I was playing in my playpen with Dave when there was a knock on the door, it was Todd. He asked if I wanted to come over but I told him that I had my cousin round, Todd suddenly noticed Dave then noticed he was wearing a diaper underneath his shirt. “you must be a diaper boy too?” he asked Dave looked at him confused in which I had to explain to him that we were all called diaper boys if we wore diapers.

After Breakfast me and Dave went to Todd’s in which Lola, Max and Jess were there, oh yes Max decided to live with Todd and Jess. As Todd got up and welcomed us he happily asked if Dave wanted to join the clan. Unfortunately he told us that he still lived with his parents and would kill him if they saw him in diapers. I went up to Dave and told him that his parents might not kill him, they saw me in diapers and said if it made me happy then I should wear them, if it does the same to you then tell them as least then they know you like them.

We left Todd’s house and decided to go back home, by the time we got home we both were wet and messy, but as I opened the door I noticed we had a visitor. Uncle Jack was not too pleased with Dave as mom told me he ran off from home because he was not very happy at home. Uncle Jack grabbed Dave by the arm forcefully then suddenly took a whiff at him and said in a grumbling voice “are you wearing diapers boy!” he was too scared to say then he suddenly shouted tearfully “YES I am wearing diapers because I love it” Uncle Jack then asked him why, it took Dave a minute to thing then said “ because I feel more safe in them”. Uncle Jack paused for a minute then asked in a calm voice “then why didn’t you tell us that when we decided to take you off diapers when you were seven?” Dave didn’t give them a reason he just stood there starring at the floor in shame, Uncle jack then told Dave to get changed and come home.

Later on the phone rang, mum answered it and said it was for me, Dave was on the other line and explained on what happened to him when he got home and told me he too was now in diapers 24/7 or as long as he liked, and told me he could come over the next day. I asked mom and said nicely sure.

It was time for my nap and as my eyes closed I thought about the things that happened today so far. I soon dreamed a bit thinking of Max and Todd, as they were about to kiss I quickly woke up and cried in horror, Jasmine came in to see what was wrong and I told her about the dream I had. She checked my diaper and noticed it was wet so she soon got my changed and placed a pacifier in my mouth and told me to come downstairs.

It was dinner time and mom got my dinner ready along with a spoon and a bib. She got me onto my highchair and strapped me up. She then placed a bib around my neck and started to spoon feed me some soup which was my favourite. After I finished she got me out and placed me into my play pen. Jasmine ask whether I wanted to play with my cars or if I wanted to watch a film this time as long as it was a Disney movie. I simply asked to watch a film and chose a Winnie the Pooh movie as they were my favourite.

A few hours later it was time for bed and I became rather tired so Jasmine decided to carry me up and being so small it didn’t make me heavy for her. She decided to see whether I needed a change and I did so she changed my messy diaper and put me into my footed Pjs she then got out a pacifier from the cabinet and placed me in my crib. Putting the covers over me she read me a bedtime story, I nodded off to sleep half and Jasmine thought I looked cute sleeping in a crib.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 11: Furry Dreams

It was midnight and I was sleeping well, so was Dave, sometimes in the night I always have nice dreams of being normal again but this dream im in now was like nothing I’ve ever dreamed of before.

In my dream tonight im standing in a forest and there were animals talking all around me. One of them was a fox told me I was in Furry Land and was ruled by King Lazpaw. I got so scared that I wet myself and I had no padding on me in my dream. All the animals giggled and showed me to the palace where the King was. As I stood outside the gate looking nervous, my jeans and underpants were wet. The gates opened and out came a little female wolf, she introduced herself as Jazclaw, daughter of King Lazpaw. She invited me in and noticed I was wet and told me to wait in the dining room, everyone that was working there took one look at me as I was soon feeling like I was going to cry, Jazclaw returned shortly with a diaper and told me her brother has the same problems sometimes.

As soon as I got changed into some diapers and a pair of Jazclaw’s brothers shorts I was soon introduced to the king himself. King Lazpaw was a very calm wolf who sometimes worries a lot about his children. Jazclaw was very shy at times as he hid under her father, the king then stood up and asked if I wanted to stay for lunch. I politely accepted his offer as we soon sat down the table. The kings oldest son who was next in line of the throne sat next to his father, his name was Alex the wolf cub. As soon as he sat down I noticed a bulge under his pants, it looked like a diaper.

After having lunch the king then asked if I wanted to stay over while I was here, I was going to decline that offer but I decided it was too rude not to after the hospitality so far given. The king then got one of his servants to take Alex to his room for changing and one to show me to my room for the night.

Later on that night in Furry Land I went to ask the king something, the King wasn’t at his throne or room, instead he was in Jazclaw’s room giving her advice on conquering her shyness. I briefly walked back into my room when I heard someone crying. It was Alex, I went up to him and asked what was wrong.

“no one understands me, I may be next in line of the throne but I don’t really want to be king, I mean have you ever heard of a wolf cub still in diapers as king?” he said. I told him what I was like outside of this dream and told him about my diaper accident. He soon came up to me and hugged me, then I heard a sharp voice come from the background “ALEX!!” said a furious king, I went back into my room when I heard Alex and his father arguing about his future. “now listen to me son whether you like it or not YOU WILL BE KING!” the king said. “I will not be king, I don’t want to be king, if you see the way my incontinence has gotten me I would have been king!” that stopped me thinking that he was incontinent the same way as me.

The next thing I heard was Alex telling his father that he shouldn’t be made king but the king retaliated and told his guards to place him in a padded cell down below and let no one visit him.

I woke up screaming after what happened, everyone rushed into my room and Dave soon shot out of bed looking at me. Mom asked if I had a nasty dream, I nodded as I soon noticed my diaper was leaking. I was soon put onto my changing table and mom took off my leaky diaper. She then place a new diaper onto me, powdered me up then placed it onto my stomach and taped it up tightly.

She then tucked me into bed again and kissed my forehead but I was too scared to go to sleep. Mom soon went downstairs and made me a warm bottle of milk to help me sleep.
My Life As a Teenage Baby
Part 12: Memories Revealed

The next day I woke up wet as usual and the same procedure happens, mom changes me, dresses me and feeds me before going to school. When I got to school I met, Jess, Todd and Corey there.

We went into class and got sat into our seats. Before we could start our lessons the head principle came in to introduce us to a new student, a shy looking boy, the principle walked out with the boy and lessons started, I heard a few kids laughing at the new boy.

After the 1st period we all had a break. I noticed the boy walking on his own and every time someone walks past him they all sneer for some reason. The next period came and in this one we had the boy in our class, he was sat behind me, I heard more laughing from the back as I was puzzled of what was everyone laughing at.

Lunch finally came and I was sat alone on a table, I heard someone crying and noticed it was the boy again I walked over to him and asked what was the matter.

“everyone Is being mean to me because I have to wear diapers due to losing control during birth” he said, I looked over and noticed the bulge from his pants. I told him I had to wear diapers as well due to an accident and asked what the boys name was.

“Chazz my name is” he said. The moment he said who he was it sounded a bit like the dream I had, I suddenly shivered for a moment. I asked if he wanted to join me for lunch, he soon stopped crying. As we were eating lunch, Todd, Jess and Corey came over, I introduced the gang to Chazz.

It was soon time for the last period of the day as everyone took their seats, everyone starred at Chazz for wearing diapers all day, they took it too far when one of them tripped him up as he was approaching his seat. I stood up in an angry mood walked up to the boy and hit him so hard I broke his nose, the teacher came in and sent me to the principles office.

As I entered the Principles office I felt my diaper getting warm, I explained to him why I hit the boy but it didn’t save me from being suspended for 2 weeks.

As soon as mom heard the news when I got home she was not too happy with me and sent me to bed early. She changed my wet and poopy diaper before I got into my crib, I started to cry and before I could say anything mom placed my pacifier in my mouth.